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Hamburgers for Breakfast

Posted by cinnamonfern December 6, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I have been watching this funny show produced out of China for helping people learn Chinese.  Twice they have had the "American" character eating hamburgers for breakfast, which is so funny to me. I've never asked my friends what they think a typical American breakfast consists of, but according to this show, the stereotype appears to be "hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza".

Now it's true that college kids (and some older kids) will often eat cold pizza for breakfast, but this is not really an "authentic American breakfast"...and hamburgers?  :D  I've never had a hamburger for breakfast and I'm rather amused by the idea.  Does anyone have any experiences with this? 

I can't remember what I used to think Chinese people ate for breakfast, but I do remember being surprised when one friend told me he typically ate noodles.  Not as surprised, though as when I found out my Korean friend's typical breakfast was kimchee and rice.

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