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于是 and 所以

Posted by ouyangjun116 January 7, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Can anyone clearly explain the differences between 于是 and 所以?  In my textbook there is an excercise where you have to determine the proper one, but I'm having trouble understanding the differences between the two.

My text book's sentences:

1.圣诞节快到了,(  )商店里客人非常多。

2.他昨天喝醉了,( ) 今天头有点儿疼。

3.听说那家餐厅很不错,( ),我决定去试试。

4.因为快考试了,( )大家都在努力学习。

5.他工作很忙,( )没有时间和儿子玩儿。


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