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Fast pinyin input

Posted by bababardwan February 24, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Most of you will know this, but for the sake of those newer to typing Hanzi via pinyin input, I thought I'd share a tip to an input time saver I have been using more and more with google pinyin input...namely with common words just typing the first letter for each character. For some time I have been doing this with simple words where it's likely to work, but I'm finding it works more and more with less common words. To give an example from a dictation exercise I was just doing:


ngdfyhd..spacebar to enter..gc,kqwrhyz...spacebar...,wxbjl

...is all I had to type. That combination might not work exactly the same for everyone as it will depend on what words you usually type, but sometimes you'll see the right one as one of the options. Sometimes you have to venture further ahead [more characters] with typing the first letter for more characters before it will get back on track and sometimes you have to bail and go back to entering less characters at a time. You get a feel for it after a while as to what you can get away with. It's a lot of fun as well as a timesaver and there are probably some bonus lesson's in there in terms of what comes up. Hope this is useful to some. Good luck. :)


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