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Kiwifruit (from 獼猴桃 to 奇異果)

Posted by kimiik December 2, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

That's funny to see  how the name of this chinese fruit now uses the transliteration of the western name in HK and Taiwan. Is it the same in mainland-China.


  • Macaque peach (獼猴桃 míhóu táo): the most common name
  • Macaque pear (猕猴梨 míhóu lí)
  • Vine pear (藤梨 téng lí)
  • Sunny peach (阳桃 yáng táo)
  • Wood berry (木子 mù zi)
  • Hairy bush fruit (毛木果 máo yee goh)
  • Unusual fruit or wonder fruit (奇異果 qíyì guǒ): the most common name in Taiwan and Hong Kong (奇異果 kay yee goh). A quasi-transliteration of "kiwifruit", literally "strange fruit".


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