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Poddie Collaborative Story

Posted by bababardwan June 26, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.

I just had the idea for a collaborative story done in handwriting. The idea is for each poddie to do a few lines in handwriting and then post it. I'm thinking that it might be an idea to limit it to 140 characters [like twitter]. I see several advantages in this. A bit like the transcription group, it makes your self expectation of your own contribution not too high, not too daunting, so I think encourages more people to join in. The idea is that someone starts off with something conducive to a good story line [but like mr squiggles I guess it could be anything] and then someone else posts something that expands on that story [first in best dressed]. Thus by limiting it to 140 characters it also means it's less likely someone will have done a gargantuan effort only to find someone's posted at the same time. Another important aspect to this, and something I think may add to the fun, is that unlike the other handwriting threads, I don't think this one should have the handwriting then typed out by anyone [let's try it this way for the first run anyhow, hao ba]. The reason for this is twofold. If you were handwriting a letter to someone in Chinese by snailmail they wouldn't have the benefit of someone's transcription...they would just reply to what they thought you'd written. Secondly, it might set up a funny Chinese whispers type phenomenon. Once the story comes to a conclusion it could be typed out. I think it's best if each contribution is not done as a "in reply to" in a subthread, but rather in the box at the bottom so you can used the picture icon to post [it will also enable individual comment at the end of the story for each contribution]. 

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