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The Chinesepod long-term wish list...

Posted by henning December 13, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Christmas & New Year are approaching rapidly.

Isn't that the perfect time for user fantasizing / daydreaming? 


First of all let's all wish that CPod

...does survive the upcoming economic crash in China and/or the world and struggles on until the next boom kicks in again sevaral years later,

... does not hit any dangerous icebergs on the way,

...keeps its dedicated team together (including its stars and work horses),

...is not affected by any other major obstacles, and

 ...continues its steady growth.


Given those fundamental prerequisites - how would the ideal CPod look like?

Including all imaginable dream features? 


Here is my dream list (not ordered!):

- continued build-up of lessons with at least 730 lessons at each level

- 3000 QWs that cover the complete Chinese grammar 

- a seperate culture level that covers Chengyus, Tang poems, classic literature and the like.

- the Grammar guide (I am patient)

- exercises that go along with the grammar guide and the QWs (!!) 

- an enhanced and deeply integrated Cpod dict with Chinese/English definitions, links to other websites (wikipedia etc.), links to QWs, the grammar guide and exercises

- HSK prep lessons (I know CPod does not like it, but why not?) 

- an interlinked and integrated "character madness" covering all 6000 characters in the GB standard 

- an introduction to writing Hanzi

- integrated Flash apps to train Hanzi writing (e.g. based on character recognition) 

- a short introduction to grass script, seal script, Chinese caligraphy (hey, why not?) 

- more and new exercises for all lessons 

- a collection of learning games (anyone remembering Memory island?)

- multi-player learning games

- a written homework service and "micro-practice-plans" which come in atomar chunks

- new Fix-like audio-premium content  - sentence building, grammar related exercises etc.

- pronounciation training software (e.g. build on the one that was looked at last summer - although that one is probably aiming at single sounds only it is a valid first steps) 

- beefed up Conversation with search functions, tagging, thread views, editing features for posts, maybe "skins" e.g. to have a Forum type of layout instead of the current linear list...

- stronger integrated collaboration features with application sharing etc. for the 88groups

- enhanced progress tracking features (yes, I am talking of testing)


Anything else?

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