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Posted by nick31337 July 6, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I have no idea if the title is correct lol.

But anyway, hello, I'm Nick and I though I would introduce myself finally, as I joined here maybe a month-two month ago after I finished uni, as a language-exchange partner recommended it to me for learning tones (damn 4th tone lol) and I have to admit, I really enjoy coming here instead of reading from the books I bought awhile back. At this current time I'm not subscribed to the payed service as I'm just at the newbie level and progressing through that, but I think I'll definatly subscribe once I'm done!

Also I was wondering if anyone has any tips for remembering tones? As I'm currently keeping a journal of every lesson I do, yet when it comes to talking any (I work weekends at my Chinese friends shop) I tend to forget tones...Is that normal?

Hopefully I can contripute to some of the posts on here and it will keep me motivated.


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