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Learning more than one Language at a time as an adult

Posted by bababardwan August 1, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I must say, I'm totally in love with this language learning, particularly here at Praxis where the material is so good and so accessible. While Chinese has been my main focus, I'm very interested in the other languages as well. But one thing [no, make that two] has held me back a tad from the other languages. Obviously there are time constraints, but the other thing has been a concern that learning more than one language at once as an adult would get confusing. I remember our esteemed poddie xiaohu once saying somewhere that he advised against it and I think that has stuck in my mind. I'm wondering if learning some of the other languages will kind of erase what little progress I've made in Chinese. Obviously there are some polyglots who have mastered many languages. I'm wondering how many of them were learnt sequentially and how many were learnt concurrently. Are there advantages/ disadvantages in learning 2 or more at once? If it's better to wait till you've got on top of one language before taking on another one, at what level would this be advisabe? Does it matter which combination of languages? For example, if they're very different like Chinese and French, or similar like French and Spanish? Anyone's thoughts on this and anyone's experience and advise would be much appreciated.

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