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whether to take the HSK or not

Posted by adam_p_lax May 8, 2013 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi all,


I've been living in China for about 3 years as an English teacher at university. During that time I've learned a lot of Chinese and have become somewhat obsessed with learning the language. At this point I consider myself highly proficient in Chinese if not fluent.

Now I'm going back to the US this summer to go to graduate school for the next 2 years (unrelated to Chinese learning). In my future I don't see Chinese being a part of any jobs or careers I undertake (I think I want to continue teaching TESOL). 

I was wondering though if people thought it would be worthwhile for me to take HSK 4 or not. Is it a respected qualification to put on your resume or something merely related with just those who want to study in China?

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