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Posted by iaing August 31, 2013 in the Group General Discussion .

My sub is up for renewal, and I am weighing up if it is worth it.

I have been a premium subscriber for over 3 years now, and it has been a fantastic experience.

-I have given technical conference talks, in Beijing, in Chinese.

-I am marrying a wonderful Shandong woman next year.

-I have had more warm yanjing/cold noodle combos, than is reasonably healthy.

All this is credit to cpod ^_^

The issue, however, is that cpod is no longer a leader in advanced/media content. And it hasn't been for a long time.

I am not sure when cpod lost its "mantle" as best practice in Chinese learning. But I suspect it started when they stopped listening (and started arguing) with long term customers. Cpod team - do you want to be right (in your own view), or, do you really want long term customers?

The key problem is that there is no natural, native content on this site, with transcripts. At all.

A side issue is that the quantity, and focus, on advanced/media content has dropped over the years.

And I am tired of hearing cpod make contrived or incorrect excuses for this. It is not spoonfeeding to provide this. And it is never a lesser learning experience to have an opportunity to read over a section of dialogue.

There are currently two models of learning that are better than cpod (imo).

The first: is the model of providing natural dialogues around a topic that is then transcripted after. lingq.com's wolf and huahua series is a best practice example of this model.

The second: is to take native content and provide a transcript. The fluentU native series is a best practice example of this model.


So...a question, then, to other long term poddies. Time to move on to fluentU or other better products that listen to users, or persist at cpod out of an odd sense of loyalty?

It will be tough to leave this place, but I can't see value in the current advanced/media offerings. And I am certainly not the first person to make this comment.

The crazy thing, it would actually be cheaper for cpod to offer better content, at these levels, and more of it.

If only they would listen...


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