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Travelling to China: Money Issues

Posted by billglover January 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm off to China on Friday (holiday not work) and have just started working through the pre-holiday checklist. Next item: money.

 Last time I was in China I found that credit/debit cards (Visa) were often the source of some frustration. Longer queues, unable to withdraw cach in many ATMs. I'm determined not to make the mistake of relying on plastic again.

How does everyone take money to China. Do you bring fist fulls of cash with you or do you get by on plastic? Do you bring USD (GBP in my case) or arrive armed with RMB from the word go?

I'd be interested to hear any advice the CPod community has to offer. I can promise many photos and hopefully some interesting stories on my return.

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