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Posted by david_d February 7, 2015 in the Group General Discussion .

There are 7 bubble tea places close to my apartment in Toronto, so I chat with all the people who run them, just to practice.

Fast forward to today, I saw someone familiar and asked "噢,你是不是那个奶茶美女啊?" and I think she was offended. She asked me if I knew what a 奶茶美女 is... Now I'm not sure! I thought it was just a cute girl who sold bubble tea!

I've googled and baidu'd for too long, and still no clear answers. What /is/ a 奶茶美女? What link does this term have with 章泽天? Is this crazy new internet slang that's something really offensive? Is it the same as 奶茶美女?

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