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Posted by henning February 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

I post this as I still continue my Grammar posts and want to add additional stuff in the future:

We have quite a few Communication channels provided by either the CPod stuff or the CPod users: The  Conversations Section, The Wiki, The Forum, The Praxis Blog, the User Blogs, and lately 88groups. You might count in Ken's Blog, also (dividing that out of the Praxis Blog did some enormous damage to the Praxis Blog, but that is a different. albeit related story). For a while we also had the Frappr page, the Yahoo group, the Extra site, and more.  

Having watched the streams of activity here for quite a while now, it seems to me that only a very limited number of channels can be kept alive over time. I am only talking about collecting user input (no unfounded speculation on Administration and Development efforts although they might bolster my conclusions).

Recently, almost all communication is concentrated in the "Conversations" , which combines lesson comments, incorporates quite a bit of the "old" V2 blog, and, well, let's call it acts as a "Forum light". The real Forum has dried up, 88groups appears to be on a downward slope with groups closing because of lack of interest, support, or technical issues, the Wiki has become virtually unknown, and the Blog has been degraded to a corporate background site.


I wished I myself had the time to post here, follow Frank's and Joachim's blog, continue supporting the Forum, provide content to the Wiki, and look at the Praxis Blog. Reality is: I am glad if I find the time to work through the lessons, Expansions, and Exercises, do the Grammar thing for the Intermediate lessons, and once in a while post a comment here. When time allows, I additionally try working through one of the articles at goulniky's news group. But that is it.

Maybe this is evolution. And sometimes even the seamingly superior model dies out (Forum) to make place for that one which is sitting in a more ressourceful niche.

So I will deliberately continue posting here exclusively. Even if the content would be better suited for 88groups, the Forum, or the Wiki. Because those extra-CPod-arms are already dying.

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