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Why can’t CPod produce more topically relevant lessons???

Posted by rayally September 2, 2015 in the Group General Discussion .

Why can’t CPod produce more topically relevant lessons???

I am a long-term CPod member and big fan. However, I’m increasingly disappointed that you don’t produce more lessons that are topically relevant to what is happening here in China.

Is it because CPod is now based in Taiwan?

However, many users like myself live in China and want to be able to discuss topics with Chinese friends and colleagues.

Last week we had the Athletics World Championships in Beijing. And this week we have the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Sino-Japanese War. Both are hot topics; hugely talked about on the street and on every newspaper and tv station.

Why can’t CPod produce lessons on these subjects, which everyone is talking about in China. In fact these are global events. Which I’m sure even CPod users who don’t live in China would be interested to learn lessons and vocabulary on these topics.

Currently if I want to find lessons or vocabulary on topical issues I have to use other material and online resources. But to be honest I would rather use CPod. And this would be one way to help you differentiate yourself from all the other online Chinese language services.

If CPod wants to retain its members and grow its brand—it needs to make sure its lessons are more topical and relevant. Giving users the chance to practice and use the language in our daily lives. Or at least be able to understand some of what is been talked about in China and the world.

The latest lesson “The Water Ghosts of Ghost Month” is a classic example of a lesson that might be topical (because it’s the ghost month) but is not relevant to most people. And people are not going to use that language to talk with their colleagues. What worse, is that the lesson doesn’t even mention 重阳节Chóng Yáng Jié, which is the name of the holiday. So you are not even educating users about the subject.

I realise not every lesson can topical­ but come on CPod—you can do better than this—and we (long term users and fans) expect more of you!

However, it’s not too late. You could still produce lessons on some of the recent events. But I hope in the future you can produce more topically relevant lessons, so that CPod users can join in the discussions of what is happening in China and the world.

The lessons don't have to be so complex as to exclude users. I would suggest a level of elementary to intermediate (or even upper intermediate) in some situations.

After all, the whole point of learning Chinese is to be able to use the language and talk with Chinese people. So help us please…

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