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Is Chinesepod addictive?

Posted by dogeatsrat February 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I am noticing among the Conversations a great appreciation for Chinesepod 

- Ken's thread asking us to identify not the good and bad of Cpod but the unique qualities has hit the jackpot of compliments

- Lunetta is anxious about having skipped a week of Chinese learning and quickly gets helpful responses as to how to cope - presumably from others who have gone through that particular trauma.

- Frank is visiting Shanghai to visit the Cpod theme park and is spending most of his time on Cpod and uploading photos, I wonder if he is really "there" at all

So what is this thing, Cpod, that seems to dominate people's lives. Is it altogether healthy or is it time to go to rehab? In Japan they have started to set up boot camps for kids addicted to the internet. Is it time for a grown-up version for Cpod? 


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