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Some help with Chinese names, please?

Posted by julesong February 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Not in a lesson, but here in the conversations, would be appreciated.  :)


Before I begin logging in on various Chinese forums online, I'd like to choose a Mandarin given name to use.  I've read all the online webpages I can find about choosing Chinese names, listened to the Dear Amber, etc.  So now I'm hoping my user friends here can help.


I'd like an acceptable female Mandarin given name that, if possible, has to do with music (is the equiv of "melody" used as a name? http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?page=worddictbasic&wdqb=melody&wdrst=0).



I know I said a given name, but... :) 

The MandrinTools page suggested "Ran" as a surname for me (my English, or rather, German surname begins with "ram"), but unfortunately doesn't give it to me in pinyin so I don't know what tone it is: ran3


The page (http://www.mandarintools.com/chinesename.html) also gives you a three character name suggestion.  Is three character most common, or two?



So, can you help me, friends?  Xiexie in advance!  :)



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