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CPod Website : A Wish List

Posted by calkins March 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm sure there's already one of these out there in conversation cyberspace, but no way to search for it (which brings me to wish #1):


1.  Search feature for Conversations. 

    - This has been discussed a lot lately.


2.  Lesson Bookmarking

    -  Please make this more user-friendly. 

    -  Being forced to bookmark one lesson at a time is tedious and time-consuming.

    -  The "Order by" feature is nice, but as soon as you bookmark a lesson, it reverts back to its default and sends you back to page 1 (a pain when you're bookmarking lessons from page 12, for example). 


3.  Grammar Guide

    -  I know it's in the works, but I'm dying to see this baby!  An estimated time frame would be good to know and would go a long way in keeping us patient.


4.  Vocabulary Manager : Traditional Character Option

    -   I've probably talked this to death, but definitely one of my biggest wishes.  I know the majority here uses simplified, but the option would be huge for us using traditional.


I know our wishes are usually easier said than done, but one of the miracles of CPod is that it actually listens to its customers, and often implements the changes we ask for.  So, I just want to say thanks for listening CPod (it is rare these days)!

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