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Regionalisms and different ways of pronunciation

Posted by nevermind March 21, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

A chat with some of my (Taiwanese) friends put me onto the task of finding out as much as possible about pronunciation/vocabulary variations within Mandarin. (Note that I'm not talking about regional dialects, but accents.) I'm sure this issue has been discussed on the forum before, unfortunately I couldn't track the thread down.

I have noticed that many people tend to leave out the "pinyin H", i.e. they pronounce souji instead of shouji or zongguo instead of zhongguo. What is this difference dependent on? (region?)

Is there any "class distinction" - remnants of which can be found e.g in British English in the social implications of using "settee/sofa/..." -  in Chinese, pronunciation or vocabulary?

 Are there any other interesting bits of information about this topic?



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