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How many of you still keep on doing physical exercise?

Posted by cassielin March 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys,

I just wonder that how many of you still keep on doing physical exercise?

Yesterday morning, one of my classmate suddenly fell in a faint and i carried her to the clinic on my back, luckily, after the doctor's aid, she came to herself finally. The doctors said that her poor health and did't eat breakfast caused this kind of  faint. This event warn me that we need to do more physical exercise. Hey, we are just in our 20s, we should have a  good health and keep fit!

Here are some new words for you!

physical exercise=体育锻炼ti3yu4 duan4lian4

fall in a faint=晕倒yun1dao3

carry on one's back=背bei1


come to oneself=恢复知觉hui1fu4 zhi1jue2

good health=好身体hao3 shen1ti3

keep fit= 保持健康bao3chi2 jian4kang1



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