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Pls help!!! Fierce Stunt Toddler on the right word for "Brown"

Posted by auntie68 March 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I would really, really appreciate some help on this! Thank you so-oo much. A stern Stunt Toddler (aged 33 months) is feeling VERY indignant because he gave me a Mandarin pop test and I referred to the colour brown using a word I had learned on CPOD -- "棕色 zong1se4". Well, S.T. said that brown was 褐色 he2se4, according to his bilingual preschool. Since he's kind of bright, and since his preschool is so expensive, and also since I know full well that I (genuinely) didn't have a clue how to say "brown" in Mandarin before CPOD's newbie lesson on colours, I looked it up when he was taking his after-school nap. Goodness gracious me! There IS a an entry for 褐 (he2), defined as "brown". But there is also an entry for 棕 (zong1), which is defined simply as "brown" too. Are these words for different shades of brown, just like the two Chinese words for "green" -- 绿 (lü4; more magenta) and 青 (qing1; more cyan) -- which the S.T. is very aware of? Help!!!! Thank you so much. 

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