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Posted by henning April 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I had to switch my notebook after the old one eventually died after several months of agony. My new one came with a pre-installed "Google Toolbar", which I was just about to deinstall when I noticed that there was a "translate" option switched on that eagerly tried to translate English words into German for me.

I changed the settings and now it translates into Chinese. The classical-tooltip reversed: You place the cursor over an English word and get a list of translations.

Has several shortcomings:

- the list of possible translations is way too long

- the translations are not ordered according to usage frequency. Often very strange translations are listed first

- font size seems to be something like 4 point - ideal for people who not only have the eyes of an eagle but also the ability to infer characters from a small scale pixel clutter (and thereby beat Shannon).


But it is fun and once in a while might even give an additional learning input.

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