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Simple poem - Spring at Dawn

Posted by mayalarara April 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

The very first (Chinese) poem I studied is Chun1 Xiao3, written in the Tang dynasty. A friend of mine had sent it to me. Unfortunately, I learned it at a time when I wasn't too familiar with the characters. So I tried to "reverse engineer" the poem in hanzi, based on the sounds and meanings. It is very easy, so beginners should give it a try, especially as the characters are relatively common ones. I'm not sure whether I picked the right character in each case, so I'd be grateful if a more advanced student or native speaker corrected me.

Chun1 mian2 bu4 jue2 xiao3,
Spring sleeps not feel dawn

chu4 chu4 wen2 ti2 niao3.
everywhere hear calling birds

Ye4 lai2 feng1 yu3 sheng1,
Night past wind rain sound

hua1 luo4 zhi1 duo1 shao3.
Flowers fall know how many.

Rough translation: 

Spring slumbers without feeling the dawn

everywhere the calls of bird can be heard

and last night the sound of rain and wind

how many petals fell - who knows. 

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