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Forbidden Kindgon and the Monkey King!

Posted by briana April 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I just watched the Forbidden Kingdom the other night. Jackie Chan is amazing and Jet Li is pretty good too! I loved the references to other typical Chinese shows/movies!! The first fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Li is a little long, but still very good! ^_^ I really miss learning gong fu & wu shu!!! ='(

One interesting thing is that they don't translate ALL the chinese! (little things such as "have some tea" or "where is this money from/what kind of money is this?") Then general idea is obvious to viewers, but I was just wondering what was going through all the minds of non-chinese speakers at that point!

 Now with that said...I'm about to listen to that old c-pod episode MONKEY KING!! hehehe...

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