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Scary Update on the way?

Posted by henning May 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

I just saw that SpanishPod underwent some major facelifting (I sometimes go there to see how the site grows and to enjoy the warm feeling of "one day I might even listen to those lessons). This might be looming for CPod as well.

The user interface there has been undergone major changes - anybody remembers V2->V3? 

Positive side: It looks cool. Much better than before from an optical standpoint. And those guys got a grammar guide now.

Downside: All painfully gained achievements in clarity and structure seem to have gone down the drain once again: Couldn't find a definite lesson listing for the levels - all buried below that strange "channel" logic. No simple conversation listing. Depth instead of breadth first navigation (--> lots of clicking). The MAU-list is misleadingly called "Ranking". Where is the one-fits-it-all home pagel? What about some nice, understandable labels (what is "Me"?). Why do I see a large "Your account has expired" banner on every other page.

All in all pretty confusing, if you ask me.

New features beside the grammar guide? Relevant ones like "conversation search" , "tagging comments", or "more and less buggy exercises". Maybe I just haven't found them yet.


Those are my quick-glance impressions only (not much time today), please go there and look for yourself. 

Sorry for being so negative. Maybe my day was just a bit too negative...

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