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Posted by John May 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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ChinesePod has a new default page: the Me page. Some of you seem a bit confused as to what exactly that is, so I thought I'd clarify a bit.

Basically, "Me" refers to content that is perosnalized for the individual. "My Lessons" are the lessons that you bookmark, or that you have subscribed to automatically receive. You can delete any of these lessons or mark them as studied. You manage them.

Similarly, "Vocabulary" refers to the words that the individual user has saved for review. "Counseling" is a Guided/Executive service where a user can get personalzied feedback on lesson progress. "Posts" is a place to write new conversation posts, as well as an archive of all your own conversation posts (you can even edit them from here, whenever you want!). And, of course "Profile" is very personalized.

We've put together a screencast about all this (voiceover by yours truly!):

(You can see more cool screencasts like this one in our new help section!)

One thing that might confuse some people is what you see as a Free user. Full personalization is a Premium service; free users do not get to customize their feeds, bookmark lessons, manage their vocabulary lists and use flashcards, etc. So don't be alarmed if you're a free user. You can still listen podcasts as before, participate in discussions, etc. As a Free user, you'll probably want to make more use of the Lessons page, where you can see all the latest podcasts, across all levels and Extra shows.

I hope this clears some things up! Please let me know if you are still unclear about how the Me section works.

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