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What is the Guided Subscription all about?

Posted by clay June 2, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Remember what it was like when you had a test in like 9 hours that you hadn't prepared for? When you would spoon instant coffee in your mouth instead of wasting time brewing a whole pot. Maybe a break every hour or so to take down a can of condensed chicken noodle soup straight out of the can?

Perhaps the stuff nightmares are made of, but you did accomplish one important thing... You studied.

And that means you will be less likely to skip out on reviewing that one lesson if you knew you had a test coming up. Bring on the Guided Subscription!

  • after purchasing Guided, a teacher will soon email you to find out a convenient time for you to have your Mandarin assessment.
  • you will get live initial counseling session with one of our teachers to establish your level and objectives, and they will then assign you daily lessons for the next month (4 working weeks). You can choose to use Skype or have an instructor call you on your phone.
  • one month later, its test time. We know its possible you may miss a lesson or three, so you get to choose 10 lessons from which to be tested on
  • test will take place over Skype, where where you will communicate verbally and through its messenger. On some parts of the test, you may request to see questions in pinyin/character. Of course, if you dont have Skype, the instructors will call you, where you wont have the reading/writing option.
  • every question you have for your teacher during the course of the month will be answered in 24 hours by them. This will be done through the new "counseling" tab of the "me" section. This is one of the great new features of the new Cpod website.
  • Based off your test results, and your input (perhaps there was a particular lesson you didn't get to) , the instructor will then assign you another 4 weeks of lessons.
  • And....there is a little bonus for the 1year+ subscribers, a DVD with over 850 podcasts on them.

Starting at $29 bucks a month. You can't beat it with a stick.

No more putting those lessons aside for later, no more excuses, and no more not being able to speak Mandarin!

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