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John Pasden's pm to me... please read

Posted by auntie68 June 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear friends, here is the unedited text of a private message which I received from John Pasden a few minutes ago via my FrenchPod account:

Dear Sharon, It was great to see you embrace FrenchPod. We have a lot of enthusiastic users on the Praxis Language websites, and we're glad to have more. Some of your comments, however, don't seem to add up. It has come to our attention that you're doing an awful lot of talking about the 101 sites on FrenchPod. We have every confidence in our method and the quality of the material we provide to our users and so don't mind the occasional mention of a competitor, but there comes a point when it becomes downright odd. No user has ever plugged a competitor's site on our websites as much as you have, spammers included. If your goal was just to get the word out, I think you can consider that goal accomplished. Our philosophy here at Praxis Language, however, is to create a quality product and let the product speak for itself. Let's just get back to learning. The lesson comments are for discussing the lesson content. Thanks for your cooperation. Sincerely, John

I don't mind sharing it with you. 

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