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Posted by franch May 22, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

 I have a query that I wanted to contrive in Chinese, regardless of all my shortcomings, there it is-

有个问题,是关于因为词的发音。谁会解释为什么有时,吭"wei"的声,有时是kinda "vei"的声。尽管我的口语才疏学浅,我还认为是这样因为因为的为是轻声的,或着也许是专门的样子成了通行的发音。

Put simply I just wonder in what circumstances, regions or phonetic environment one uses that odd /v/ sound in the "yinwei" conjunction might occur, and whether such a sound can be found elsewhere, since my personal knowledge of the language is still somewhat sketchy. Please feel compelled to correct my mistakes, even if you have no answer to provide :)

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