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phonetic map : 兑 dui

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 兑

duì to exchange; convert
兑现 duìxiàn to cash (check)
tuì to molt; slough off
蜕化 tuìhuà to slough off; transform
ruì sharp; keen; fast
锐气 ruìqì aggressiveness
锐进 ruìjìn to sharply increase
shuì tax; duty
关税 guānshuì customs duty
* shuì to persuade
游说 yóushuì to go lobbying
* shuō to talk / teachings
说明 shuōmíng to explain
tuō to take off; escape from
出脱 chūtuō to dispose of
脱险 tuōxiǎn to escape danger
yuè to read; experience
阅读 yuèdú read(ing)
阅历 yuèlì n./v. experience
yuè delighted; to please
喜悦 xǐyuè happy; joyous
悦目 yuèmù good-looking

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