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Calling all teachers in CN

Posted by jonsnow October 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi all

Good day to you. I'm asking all teachers for their experience in teaching in China. I graduated in a degree (completely unrelated to teaching - a bsc in computer science and mathmatics) but am looking to study my CELTA on the 21st.

In doing my research I've come across a few teachers that have said more or less that they were hired for their blonde hair and blue eyes. Naturally I'm a little worried as I get told I look "Spanish" a lot (even though I'm quarter enlglish, quarter irish and half mauritian). Plus I'm only 5'8'

However, my English is articulate. I get told I'm well spoken a lot and my accent is very typically English with no "area" accent (ie.london, north etc)

Can teachers give me a point of view on their experience?

(NOTE: this is due in part to a teachers post "Was I hired because of my exceptional qualifications? I had no teaching quals. Was I hired because I was better than the teachers there? No, if anything they were much more qualified than me. To put it simply I was hired because of my blue eyes and blonde hair)

I'm the one on the left in my avatar would I expect to run into problems purely on sight?

Thank you v.much for your replies and please message me if you would not like your post to be public.

Rich xxx


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