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phonetic map : 丂 qiao

Posted by goulnik October 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 丂

qiǎo clever; coincidentally
巧妙 qiǎomiào ingenious; clever
不巧 bùqiǎo unfortunately
qiǎo .
qiào aperture; key to sth.
九窍 jiǔqiào body orifices
窍门 qiàomén key to a problem; knack
hào number in a series; business
编号biānhào serial number
商号 shānghào shop; store
háo to howl
号哭 háokū to wail
kǎo to give/take test; study
考试 kǎoshì exam
考虑 kǎolǜ to think over
xiǔ decayed; senile
老朽 lǎoxiǔ v.p. old and useless
朽坏 xiǔhuài decayed; rotten

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