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CPod Private Message Spam Peculiarities

Posted by henning October 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: spam, private messages, culture, health and beauty

Once in a while I get a (often hand-crafted!) spam message in my CPod Inbox.

There are two types:

  • "Let's become language partners"
  • "I am a good looking girl! Contact me!"

But once I received something that I interpreted as a hybrid (athough I am not sure)! It was classic - definately worthy of a DA! I will share it in anomyized form:

Hello, compliment of the season to you, how is life> with you, i hope fine good. how ever i,ll like to introduce my self to you.i am [English girl's name],a healthly and beautiful lady.i am interested in having you as my friend/partner and to exchange language .so if you are interested contact me,i will send you my picture>and> full profile as soon as you contact me immediately.you can contact me with this email address:::::::: [email]. THANK,s Miss [name]

Now what caught my attention was the introduction of being "a healthly and beautiful lady". "Beautiful" might help for language exchange. But "healthy"? "

By the way: Of course I responded in a most delighted manner. As I am currently not in need of a language partner, I invited her to join the 红楼梦-group and help us out there. Too bad she didn't. We could really need some healthy and beautiful native speakers with motivating avatars over there.

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