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Becoming an english teacher - Blog 1

Posted by jonsnow October 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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今天 我作老师。我 开始 路线作外国英国老师
我很担心 。 我有10个小时家庭工作 

Jin tian wo zuo laoshi. Wo kaishi lu xian zuo waiguo yingguo laoshi

wo hen dan xin. Wo shi 10 ge xiao shi jia ting

I became a teacher today. I began my course to become an English Teacher for foreign countries. 

I'm incredibly worried. I have spent 10 hours doing course work.


This is my blog on my way to becoming a teacher. I'm doing my CELTA certificate. I start on Tuesday but had spent the past 10 hours doing the preparatory work. Eeeek.

No social life until 9th January. By the way I'm also trying to complete paragraphs in 中文 so please correct translations where you can.

Much love






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