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Posted by ancalagon October 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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大家好!My name is Mathew L, and I'm a senior at Syracuse University planning on (a) somehow, someway making a career out of this China infatuation I have, and (b) spending the next few years, prior to grad school, in China.

Which brings me to my dilemma -- I was never given a Chinese name by one of my 中文老师, so I sought the aid of my Chinese history professor, an American. Mathew meaning "gift from god" the name he gave me, in endeavoring to retain some semblance of both meaning and pronunciation was:

吕萌天 (Lǚ Méngtian) -- which I was told translates to 'sprout of heaven'.

I've since run the name by a few Chinese people and their reactions to it have been underwhelming. The first, my current Chinese language teacher, wanted me to drop the 天; she felt that 萌 and 天 made no sense together, one being about plants the other being about sky. The second person told me the name struck him as a girl's name at first glance. So this was worrying.

Anyways, sorry this post is so lengthy -- I'm hoping you all, and particularly the native Chinese among us, will be able to give me some feedback on the original name -- does it make sense? does it sound alright? does it give off an effeminate vibe?



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