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Drafting a new personal study scheme...

Posted by henning November 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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As discussed before I plan on revamping my approach to studying Chinese. Given a fixed learning slot length of only 90-120 minutes a day there is only so much I can do, so I need to adjust it flexibly.

Here are the lego blocks that I plan to fill in my schedule with (including the weekends) - some of them recurring each day, others more rarely.

1. As ever: New CPod lesson - listening & working through dialogue, incl. copying grammar points (4x per week)

2. New: Reading aloud exercise! (4x per week)

3. Expansion, Exercise, Audio Review (4x per week)

4. New: Writing slot. 20 minutes of writing exercise based on the current dialogue (5x per week)

5. New: Review old exercises (randomly selected old Advanced or UI lesson) (3x per week)

6. New: Grammar point repetition (2x per week)

7. HSK Textbook (3x per week) / HSK exercises (5x per week)

8. News item (5x per week)

9. new: Character group repetition with at least 3 groups in Flashcard mode (3x per week)

10. new: Writing a small Chinese text (2x per week)

11. 红楼梦 (2 x per week)

12. Chinese radio & podcasts (1 x per week)

13. new: Only-Chinese-in-the-office-torture-my-Chinese-co-worker-slot (4 x per week)

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