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phonetic map : 奴 nu

Posted by goulnik December 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 奴

to put forth strength; pout
努力 nǔlì to make great effort; try hard
努嘴 nǔzuǐ to pout; purse the lips
slave; servant / to enslave
奴隶 núlì
家奴 jiānú domestic servants
房奴 fángnú a slave to one's mortgage
to become angry/furious / anger; fury
怒气 nùqì anger; rage; fury
愤怒 fènnù indignant; angry
弓弩 gōngnǔ bow and crossbow
石弩 shínǔ catapult
children; wife and children
妻孥 qīnú wife and children
* nu .
唠呶 láonu to make a hubbub
胬肉 nǔròu (eye disease)
slow horse; useless person
驽马 númǎ inferior horse; jade
驽材 núcái inferior ability
náo to yell; talk noisily
纷呶 fēnnáo noisy and disorderly
náo to talk incessantly
惛怓 hūnnáo turmoil; hubbub; tumult
(variant of 拿 to hold; take; seize)

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