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Camera gear allowed?

Posted by frank December 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hiya, kids! Got a quick question regarding my upcoming move and I was hoping someone here might have some experience in these matters.

I spoke to a visa agent today who counseled me to NOT list my occupation as "writer, journalist, or filmmaker." She said They wouldn't like that. Listing myself as a graphic artist seemed to be okay, but the others were right out.

I asked her about my film equipment and she said she *thought* it should be okay, but wasn't sure. So what happens if she's wrong? She asked me what type of camera it was, if it was very large, and while it's not huge, it is a professional camera. The tripod is a good 40-50 pounds, too.

Anyone have any clue about the restrictions on these things? I don't want my livelihood confiscated at the airport!



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