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phonetic map : 失 shi

Posted by goulnik December 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 失

shī to lose; miss; neglect; violate; break (a promise); fail to get hold of; get lost / mistake; mishap; defect
失业 shīyè to lose one's job
失约 shīyuē to break one's promise
失职 shīzhí to neglect one's duty
失言 shīyán slip of the tongue
失手 shīshǒu to fumble; blunder
失踪 shīzōng to be missing
过失 guòshī fault; error
zhì order; sequence; official rank
秩序 zhìxù order; sequence; arrangement
秩然 zhìrán orderly; neat
zhì cloth slip-case for a book; books
书帙 shūzhì book jacket
散帙 sǎnzhì to open a book
tiě iron; determined; cruel; tight **
铁路 tiělù railway; railroad
铁石 tiěshí sth. firm/solid
铁紧 tiějǐn very tight
diē to fall; tumble; drop
跌交 diējiāo to trip and fall; make a mistake
暴跌 bàodiē to fall steeply (in price)
dié repeatedly / alternate; change
迭次 diécì repeatedly; again and again
迭用 diéyòng to use alternately
dié small melon
瓜瓞 guādié a small melon; descendants
. **
骄佚 jiāoyì to treat with disrespect
佚名 yìmíng lost name
亡佚 wángyì to be lost (e.g. ancient texts)
. **
轶伦 yìlún to tower above one's contemporaries
昳丽 yìlì radiantly beautiful

** 铁 is the simplified form of 鐵, see 十+戈 (zai) map
** 佚 is a variant of 逸 : leisure; escape; lost; to excel
** 轶 is a variant of 逸 : leisure; escape; lost; to excel

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