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Learning the Characters - Hanzi

Posted by ste5en July 5, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I just started with ChinesePod and love it. But I have some questions about learning characters.

At comprehension, I test to ChinesePod's Elementary level. My current Chinese knowledge is from using Pimsleur 1-3 CD courses (which iare very good for grammer and structure, as long as you review the lessons multiple times each, spread out over time). I have also taken a 4 credit hour course two years ago at Pasadena Community College from an excellent teacher, during which I learned 250 characters (unfortunately traditional, and since then, mostly forgotten).

My question about using ChinesePod is, should I learn the Chinese characters, or not? My main interest is in speaking Chinese when I travel in China for business and pleasure. I don't know if learning the Hanzi well would significantly improve my conversational Chinese, in proportion to the amount of time it takes to learn Hanzi.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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