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PDF printouts are not GREEN

Posted by trax March 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: PDF print outs, green, world environment, pollution

Why are the fonts so big, and the margins narrow? Often, there's only 17 to 20 lines per page, and when the pdf's are printed, it's a waste of paper.  Often a last page only has one or two lines.  If C-Pod tightens up the margins, users can save on paper, and C-Pod can contribute to saving tree's all over the world. 

Maybe they are people that want the huge 18 print font face, if so, you can still save paper by expanding the right/left margins. This is the font type for Kindergarteners, don't you think?

By make the font one or two sizes smaller, and increasing the margins, you can contribute to saving paper. 

What do you guys at C-Pod think?  Will you contribute to saving paper, tree's and help CPodders save money on paper too?

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