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Activity Stream Questions

Posted by calkins March 31, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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I'm trying to utilize the Activity Stream to see if it's a useful tool for me.  I know it's still in beta, but I'm confused about a few things:

  • Why do only a few comments get feedback (green and red backgrounds), but most don't?  Is there a typical timeframe we can expect feedback, at least during a typical work week?  Will responses be quicker in the "final release"?
  • Why do community posts show up in the Activity Stream?  They seem out of place.  I've also noticed that some community posts are posted twice in the Activity Stream.
  • Will traditional characters be an option in the final release?

Some suggestions and glitches:

  • I think the Elementary level should still show pinyin in the pull-down menu.
  • Could there be a way to subscribe to multiple levels, or all levels?  I think it could be beneficial to see higher level comments, even if you don't want to join in.  The ability to see lower levels can also be beneficial.
  • Could there be a pull-down menu (similar to the one in Conversations) where you could choose to only see "My Questions" or "Replies To My Questions"?
  • If you're on Page 3 of the Activity Stream and you click your browser's back arrow (to go back to Page 2), it actually automatically redirects you to the page you were on before you went to the Activity Stream (i.e. to the Me page, My Lessons tab).  Actually, I think this is a Cpod website-wide glitch...it happens anywhere on the site that has marked pages (Community, Lessons, Groups, etc.).

I'm starting to see some potential value in this tool, I'm just trying to understand it a little better.  And I will happily eat my words from a previous post if it turns out to be useful ;)

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