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Getting that Mandarin feeling

Posted by chrismarsh April 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: Beginner

Hi, I suspect I know the answer to this question, but maybe someone could give an additional view. As a beginner Mandarin learner I have at times felt as though I really 'get' the way the language works, thinking about how sentences are structured it at times seems really logical, 'natural', and you have one of those "I get it!" moments :) ...

...Unfortunately this feeling only comes fleetingly at the moment :( and so I was wondering whether you have any suggestions about how to really 'get' how the language is put together? Maybe I'm just looking for a magic bullet when the answer is practce, practice, and more practice, but maybe there is something in particular which you could recommend which could help us students naturalise that Mandarin feeling...I find just listening to Mandarn, even though I can't understand it, helps you get the rhythmn...any other suggestions...?

Thanks, Chris

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