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No sex please, we're Chinese!

Posted by Tal May 15, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: sex, sexuality

I'm afraid I cannot resist drawing attention to this piece in today's Guardian which both amused and surprised me.

Those who have never been to China may be unaware of the level of taboo and inhibition regarding matters carnal, (with all age groups I would say, but most particularly those over 30.) There is a marked difference I would guess between attitudes in China and other Asian countries, (Japan for example).

As hinted at in the article, Chinese people tend to view sex primarily as a means to procreation rather than as something to be indulged in for pleasure. Having a family and honoring family values = good; enjoying carnal delights = bad. Hypocrisy abounds as ever of course, particularly with men rich enough to have a mistress (commonly referred to as 二奶).

A can of worms perhaps? Who can resist opening it? Finally I'd just like to say that the apparent tackiness of China's first 'sex theme park' is not something I personally warm to. I prefer my carnality all soft-focus, warm and fuzzy, (but then I have been living in China for 5 years now - lol).

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