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Media 无性婚姻 (false start)

Posted by zhenlijiang January 3, 2011 in the Group Transcripts with Tal .

The current post for this lesson transcript is HERE.

Raygo, 你这星期忙吗?正在写起中级课程吗?

It happens that I found myself in a transcribing mood, and actually started doing this week's Media lesson--which normally I wouldn't think to do.  But if you've listened, I think this week's is considerably easier than usual. I only have the first 3 minutes (minus the reading) now, and was wondering, if as a one-off thing you would consider splitting this one with me?

I know it's extremely obnoxious of me to ask this, especially after I'd already started on my own.  I know all your work on the transcripts is 100 percent voluntary and something you do for yourself, and it's only from your generosity that you share with us.  And that it's only fun for you to the extent that you choose whichever one you want to, and do them and share them when you please.

I'm sure people who study Media lessons don't want transcripts anyway. I'm just finding the exercise good for myself.

If you'd rather not co-transcribe or have no time, I totally understand.  But then you could help spot mistakes when I'm done though?  What do you say.  And pls be assured--I won't bug you with any further "offers".  This would be strictly one-off.

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