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C-Pod Lesson Study Strategy

Posted by KokaTiger June 29, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello C-Pod'rs.  I am very curious about sharing and learning about our C-Pod learning strategies.  Currently, I...

#1  Listen to a lesson.

#2  Listen to the vocab one by one and save all vocab lists (including supplmental).  I repeat until I'm comfortable I know how to say each word (but not memorized).

#3 Dialogue Tab:  (I can see many different strategies here).  Because my primary desire is spoken Mandarin (secondary is reading), I listen to a sentence and see if I understand it completely.  If I don't I go through and see if I can understand by just looking at characters.  Next, I look at definition of the words I didn't understand and save those I haven't learned to the vocab section and click the sentence play button again and play it until I understand.  Repeat this process for 6 sentences, then go back over all 6 starting with the first to make sure I have the vocab/structures down.  Then I go to the next 6 sentences and repeat.  After the full dialogue I go back through a thrid time.  This process is inteded to slowly move the material to my long-term memory.

#4 Do the excercises and try to do them in simplified characters (even though I do the dialogue's in traditional, I want to be exposed to both until I hit the point where the vast majority of characters are inextricably different).

#5 Go back to vocab tab and make sure I remember at least casually everything.  Listen to the full dialogue one more time to see if I missed anything. 

#6 Read the discussion page to pick up any good tips.

#7  Click 'studied' and watch lesson dissapear from the me page and get a sense of satisfaction!

#8  REVIEW:  This is the part I am struggling with and really need help with.  I am only a month into my CPOD experience and it's really fun.  But I am getting tons of lessons "done" but would really appreciate understanding how you guys go about reviewing old lessons and especially the vocabulary.

How do you guys tag the vocab?  I have so many vocab words now that its a bit unruly so I have been using one of around 20ish tags that seem most appropriate but doing tags like 'verbs' gets you over 100 real fast so you lose some of the value.  Not sure if I should have a tag for studied and dump all the known words in there and delete the old tags, but I don't want a ton of mainenance on this. 

It would be real nice if words came with a few tags already like part of speech, lesson #, etc.  

But in the abscence of this what do you guys do for your vocab strategy?

What do you do for your lesson study strategy?

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