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Future of the Chinese writing system???

Posted by KennyK July 18, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Will there ever be a standard universally-accepted Chinese writing system?  Have there been any developments recently on this matter throughout Asia? I, personally, have only heard arguments about which writing system is better, but I haven't heard any talk of choosing ONE to be accepted GLOBALLY and ENFORCED. 

Many people debate on whether simplified or traditional writing is better... but the fact remains that the world needs a STANDARD UNIVERSALLY-ACCEPTED Chinese writing system.  Otherwise, Chinese will continue to have some difficulties to communicate with each other.  Will Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore switch to simplified or will China switch back to traditional?   Also, I have heard rumors that Beijing proposed teaching simplified AND some traditional characters in school - has anyone heard about this???  

Now, for the pinyin systems.  There are so many different systems of "romanizing" the Chinese language to help foreigners and Chinese students learn Chinese.  Can we please PICK one and stick with it???  I mean, should we use HanYu pinyin, TongYong pinyin, Wade-Giles, Yale, GuoYeuRoMaZi, etc...???  It seems that HanYu pinyin is the way to go, as it is used throughout China, the United Nations, Library of Congress, etc..., but still so many times we can see words romanized with the others.  For example, my street name using HanYu pinyin is "Zhong Shan", but the post office says officially it's "Jung Shan", and the actual street sign reads "Jhung Shan".  It can all be extremely confusing, especially for beginning Chinese learners.  ...and, of course, not to mention BoPoMoFo (注音) used in Taiwan to teach Taiwanese students how to accurately pronounce Chinese words.  BoPoMoFo is pretty cool looking (kinda like Japanese Hiragana and Katakana), but it is more difficult for non-Chinese to learn.

So, I guess my question is... what is the future of all this mess???  I, personally, wouldn't mind seeing Chinese being written similar to Japanese, using BoPoMoFo (or somthing similar) and a mix of characters...  Or maybe even switch to a Hangul-like system (Korean writing system), using symbols stacked like characters??? In any case, it is worth discussing a suitable compromise, don't you think??? 

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