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Posted by Joachim July 18, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

These days I am under the impression that Chinesepod have lots of topic ideas up their sleeves.

Regardless, I would like to suggest some more.

1. Are there any Chinese equivalents to chat / computer expressions in English like IMHO, BTW, LOL, RTFM?

2. Some vocabularies and/ or phrases to comprehend Chinese internet sites to order goods or book services online, e.g. joyo.com, ctrip.com,  etc. (The latter does have an English version, but it would nevertheless be nice to get to grips with the Chinese original.)

3. Chinese toys and games

4. How to describe Chinese people: facial features, posture, colour of hair (ahem), body size, ...  any other characteristic features foreigners might not discriminate, but Chinese deem essential (pock marks?).

5. How to describe an unknown Chinese character and ask for an explanation.

6. Chinese rules for colour matching. (These to me seem to be something at odds with what I know from Europe.)

7. Explaining my home town or my country of birth in terms of number of inhabitants, GDP per capita, major industries and products etc.

Any other ideas?

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