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What use is there to learning Mandarin?

Posted by mark July 22, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

My own motivation is simply that Mandarin interests me.  There have been some bonuses.  I've made some friends I wouldn't have otherwise, had some conversations I could'nt have otherwise, gotten a hint of a little different perspective of looking at things.  For me these things alone are sufficient.  However, if I turn my thoughts to the practical, what sort of opportunities are there for westerners(non-native speakers) that speak Chinese and want to be gainfully employed in some capacity that requires that skill?  What level of skill is required?

<> John is one example; teach more people Chinese, but to aspire to follow his example <>seems to be a sort of a Ponzi scheme, if every student has that aspiration.  So, my question, what use is there to learning Mandarin?   (如果您想用中文赚钱)

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