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Posted by bababardwan August 28, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey,I was just wondering if anyone knows whether there is voice recognition software for Chinese,and if so what it's like,cost,availability ,etc ?.I have never actually used this in English as I haven't had the need but I have been aware of it being available for sometime [eg dragon naturally speaking..don't even know if that's a good brand but it's one I've heard of].I remember when I first heard of it I think they said it was only about 90% accurate so by the time you went and fixed up it's mistakes you hadn't really saved much time.Still,I think these things improve with time.I imagine with so many homophones that it may be more difficult to develop.I'm wondering if it is available if it is a defacto way of checking your diction in Chinese.

On another tangent,I have also seen a programme in German where you can speak and it will record and analyse your pronunciation.This is never a substitution for feedback from a native speaker and real life practice ,but I think it could be a good tool if the programme was good enough.I wonder if one day this will be available on CPod.I think it would be a big undertaking,but I could envisage it happening in the future.It could start out with just the vocab words from new lessons.

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