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Posted by paulinurus September 3, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Below are three chinese sentences found in Elementary or Intermediate lessons. I've picked them because they require a bit of EB thinking in order to figure out what they mean. See if you translate them. When translating, keep in mind that you want the communicative meaning (i.e. what is the sentence trying to communicate?) rather than the literal meaning. This is an experiment and we'll see what sorts of discussion (if any) could follow. Of course, Pete, our professional translator, would wait for others to play first before deciding whether to comment.

1. 我的房子不在这里附近的小区。

2. 想当年我独闯上海,什么苦没吃过。

3. 我为公司卖命二十年,他们说 炒就炒。



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